Refrigeration Shaking Incubator

The shaking incubator is a temperature controlled shaker apparatus, well suited to biotechnology laboratories, especially for incubation and proliferation of various kinds of cell cultures. The system provides programmable shaking, time and temperature control so users can design and implement sequential operations with ease.

Some of the notable operational features include:
·Choose agitation by reciprocation or rotation.
·Control temperature between 15℃and 60℃.
·Computer control - create programs of up to 20 steps for unattended operation on a Windows-based PC and upload specific programs to the Hatch-Master as needed.
·Peltier thermoelectric system with digital control ensures accurate,stable temperature control and reliability.
·Fail-safe power protection maintains program and data in the event of power loss.
·Intelligent monitor records events, performs self-testing and automatically corrects many malfunctions, including:?sensor functions, temperature fluctuations, motor malfunctions and open-door events. The system issues audible alarms for malfunction events.
·Automatic PID circuit for accurate temperature maintenance.
·A temperature alarm can be set within a range of + 5°C of the programmed operating temperature.

Notable physical features include:
·Large, high definition vacuum fluorescent display,soft-touch control panel and friendly software interface provide easy user operation.
·Super large double-pane insulated window provides clear viewing.
·Easy-to-change shaker table automatically centers and can be locked in place while placing and removing containers.
·Optional flask clamps allow safe shaking of various shapes of containers.
·DC motor provides high power efficiency.
·Operation is quiet even at maximum speed.
·Door can be configured for left or right opening for convenience in different placement situations.
·A liquid drain is provided for easy clean-up after sills.




Temp. Uniformity Within Compartment ±1℃(37℃
Temp. Control Accuracy ±0.2℃37℃
Temp. Control Range 15℃~60℃
Temp. Calibration Range ±5℃
Heating/Cooling Component Peltier Effect Heat Exchanger
Shaking Speed 20-300rpm
Speed Control Accuracy 300rpm±5rpm
Shaker Amplitude 25mm
Shaking Mode Rotation, Reciprocation
Shaker Table Dimensionsmm 290×250
External Dimensions)(mm 560×420×650L × W × H
Maximum Load For Shaking 3.5kg
Time Setting Range 0 - 99 hours 59minutes
Running mode Program/General
Maximum Program Steps 20
Display Mode Colorful VFDLED
Supply Voltage AC 220/110V,50/60Hz,400W
Power Requirement 400W

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