Economy vacuum and pressure pumps

All plastic head construction assures corrosion-resistant, contamination-free pumping.

Unique cavity configuration provides minimal dead space and air entrapment. The patented convoluted diaphragm design reduces stress, wear and heat build-up. No vacuum oil is required.

All AC powered Barnant pumps pull a vacuum to 20" Hg and pressure to 18 psig in continuous operation. Free air capacity for all 115 volt pumps is 1100 cubic inches per minute.

Barnant pumps are ready to use and come equipped with a standard AC motor which is service-free, totally enclosed, brushless type with sealed ball bearings and thermal overload protection. Two 3/8" (M)NPT polyethylene tubing adapters and a 6-ft., 3-wire cord are included.

Reduced eccentrics are available for applications that require very low flow, such as gas samplers, analyzers, flame photometry and many others. These low flow pumps will operate for thousands of trouble-free hours.

Ordering information :

Catalog No.

400-1902(CE Approved)


To 20" Hg


To 18 psig

Free Air Capacity

900 cu. in. per minute


7" L x 4" W x 5" H


1/55 hp at 1300 rpm

Power Req.

230 VAC, 50 Hz 0.75 amp

Shpg. Wt.

5 1/2 lbs.


Standard vacuum and pressure stations

  • Self-contained combines pump with vacuum / pressure gauge and regulating valves

  • Switch from vacuum to pressure easily and quickly

Completely self-contained.

Corrosion-resistant stations combine a single-head pump, a vacuum / pressure gauge and independent SS regulating valves. Produces free-air capacity up to 0.9 cfm. Use the input / output port for drawing a vacuum, or pressurizing the pump line; port is 3/8" hose barb. Use the auxiliary port for working two lines simultaneously; port accepts tube fitting with standard 1/4" NPT (M) pipe thread.

Contamination-free pumping.

Wetted materials of the 400-3901 include Noryl pump head with extended-life Nitrile diaphragm. Teflon disc valves and Noryl retainers are standard. The 470-5942 features a Valox material pump head, Fluorel fluoroelastomer diaphragm, Norprene disc valves and Noryl retainers.

Model 400-3901, is compact and low-cost and provides free air capacity up to 0.5 cfm. Tubing is silicone.

Ordering information

Catalog No.

400-3902 (CE listed)


20" Hg


18 psig

Free Air Capacity

0.5 cu. ft. per minute


7 1/2" L X 8" W X 8 3/4" H


Noryl, Nitrile, Teflon, nickel-plated SS valves


230 VAC, 50 Hz.

Shipping Wt.

10.5 lbs.


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