Incubation Chamber


Standard EN 61.010. safety temperature limiter incorporated.


Built with of transparent methacrylate which allows the user to see inside the incubator during operation without having the need to open the door.
To facilitate the access to the working area the unit has a wide front door, and a removable base made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
The fan convection system ensures an even and rapid recovery of temperature.
A 30 mm diameter port at the rear can be used to connect power to apparatus inside the chamber.
Supplied as an accessories, the removable base permits the Boxcult to be mounted on the Celmag stirrers and orbital shaker Rotabit. (described in the stirrer section.)
The metallic top chamber includes the heating elements, air circulation fan and temperature control.

Control Panel

Main switch.
Digital electronic temperature control.

Supplied without bottom base, or stainless steel rack and shelves.

Removable bottom base
Stainless steel rack


Part No.
Capacity Litres
Height / Width / Depth (interior) cm
Height / Width / Depth (exterior) cm
Power W
Weight Kg
50 47 47
61 51 51


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