Electrophoresis System


Because of its small size, light weight, good-looks and ease of transportation and operation, the gel electrophoresis apparatus ETC-GE100 can be applied to all fields of biochemistry, especially for teaching, scientific research, medical treatment and field work.


With its built-in DC power supply, the apparatus can operate from an AC power supply of between 110V or 220V (suitable power transformer will be provided with the apparatus). The lid and gel migration board, made in engineering plastics, is designed for intensive use and is etching resist. The electrodes are made of platinum for a long working life. It is suitable for both gelose and polyacrylamide gel.

Mini-Run Gel Electrophoresis System
Small size, light weight
With built-in DC power supply
Etching resist and long life
Good shape and portable type for carry and operation.

Model & Specification

Model ETC-G100
Temp. Range Input Power Supply AC100V-110V 50/60Hz

AC220V 50Hz (With conversion transformer)

Output Voltage DC 50V/ DC 100V
Volume of Electrophoresis Bath 250ml
Outline Dimension (mm) 192×130×60L×W×H(This apparatus)
Weight 320g (This apparatus)
Parameters of Accessories
Sample Comb's Size

(Teeth width ×Thickness×Teeth Number )

Gel Chamber Dimension(mm) 60×55
Gel Migration Board Size (mm) 60×55 (4 pieces) 110×55 (2 pieces)
Conversion Transformer AC220V (Input)/ AC110V(Output)


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