Water Still (AutoStill)

The 4000X and 8000X are fully automatic, vertical boiler water stills, producing 4 and 8 litres / hr of ultra-pure pyrogen-free distillate, from any potable tap water supply. They are simple to operate and easy to clean.

  • Water flow rate automatically set and maintained
  • Automatic switch-off of water and heaters when distillate reservoir is full
  • Flowswitch automatically switches off heaters should water flow fall to an inadequate level
  • Borosilicate glassware and silica sheathed heaters
  • Fireproof toughened glass door
  • Boiler protected by external, independent thermal cut-out
  • Attractive zinc-plated steel casing has excellent corrosion resistance
  • Compact design, for bench or wall mounting



¡@ 4000X  8000X
Distillate output, litres/hr 4 8
Conductivity, µs/cm† 0.2 0.2
Minimum water supply pressure, kg/cm2 0.3 0.8
Water consumption, litres/hr 60 120
Dimensions (hxwxd), mm overall 510x290x200 780x350x240
Heaters, kW 3x1 4x1.5
Weight, kg 10.5 18.5
Electrical supply 13 amp 27 amp
¡@ 230/240V, 50/60Hz ¡@

† Conductivity at 25¢XC with dissolved CO2 removed from distillate. Any ultra pure water in contact with the atmosphere has a conductivity of 1-2 µs/cm and pH ˜5, due to a small amount of CO2 (0.5ppm) absorbed from the atmosphere. Deionisers and similar systems measure conductivity before the water contacts the atmosphere and absorbs CO2 (during collection and use). As distillates are already open to the atmosphere before measurements can be made, it is necessary to remove this CO2 to provide a comparable conductivity value.


Casing Zinc coated steel
Finish Stove acrylic
Heaters Silica
Boiler Borosilicate glass
Condenser Borosilicate glass


Ordering information

Cat. No. Description
703-001 Water Still 4000X 4 litre/ hour vertical boiler water still
703-007 Water Still 8000X 8 litre/ hour vertical boiler water still


Economy Water Still

  • Compact stills with small footprint fit just about anywhere

  • Produces high quality distillate with a conductivity of 2µS/cm using a borosilicate glass condenser.

  • Choose from 4 Lph or 6.7Lph capacities with non-corrosive heating element and stainless steel boiler.

Cat No.

Water Output / Electrical

7283A 4 Liters per hour / 220V / 50Hz.
7283B 6.7 Liters per hour / 220V / 50Hz.


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