Vibration Tester


Model 200 Pen Type, Vibration Tester

Specifications :

Measuring parameter:

RMS of vibration velocity (mm/s)


0.1mm/s V 199.9 mm/s

Transmission band:

10Hz to 1000Hz



Relative error of transmission:

20Hz frequency 1 000Hz, 10%
10Hz<frequency<20Hz, -20% V 10%


2 button batteries (LR44 / SR44)

Operating temperature:

0Xto 40XC


150x22 xl8mm



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Model 110 Advanced Vibration Tester With Printer

measures overall vibration level and provides a frequency analysis. It is designed for on site preventative maintenance in plants or workshops, such as for rotating machines and reciprocating machines. It tests the acceleration, velocity and displacement of the vibration and performs simple failure diagnosis. Readings can be printed out. The meter is widely used in machinery, power, metallurgy, automobile and other industrial sectors. The technical specifications of the meter comply with the requirements of the vibration scale of the testing meter specified by ISO 2954 international standards.


Specifications :

Acceleration: peak value
0.1 to 199.9 (meter/s2)
Velocity: rms
0.01 to 19.99 (cm/s)
Displacement: peak to peak
0.00 1 to 1.999 (mm)
On-board memory: 100 results and 10 frequency spectrograms
Operating temp: 0Xto 45XC
Power: 4x1.25V NiMH rechargeable
Dimensions: 270 x 86x47mm
Weight: 650g
Integrated removable printer

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MicroVibe-P  Pocket PC-based FFT Vibration Analyzer
Vibration Analysis in the Palm of Your Hand


MicroVibe P

Compatible with HP IPAQ HX2790 with Windows Mobile 5.0 OS

A revolutionary new tool for vibration analysis
Economical, compact and convenient, the MicroVibe-P Analyzer is an advanced vibration meter made to fit in a PocketPC's compact flash card slot (CF Type II). Pocket PC features a user-friendly Windows Mobile Operating System. The lightweight MicroVibe-P Analyzer is the simplest, most economical approach to machinery analysis.

A revolutionary new tool for vibration analysis! Economical, compact and convenient, the MicroVibe-P Analyzer is an advanced vibration meter made to fit in a PocketPC's compact flash card slot (CF Type II). Pocket PC features a user-friendly Windows Mobile Operating System. The lightweight MicroVibe-P Analyzer is the simplest, most economical approach to machinery analysis.

Power Without Complexity
Low-cost, compact and lightweight, the MicroVibe-P offers a wide range of analysis capabilities V vibration, time-waveform, and FFT spectrum plots in user-selectable (English or metric) measurement units.  It provides technicians with judgment criteria based on ISO standards, enabling an immediate assessment of a machine's condition.  In addition, this new MicroVibe-P model offers FFT spectrum analysis to identify abnormal bearing function using enveloped acceleration V a proven diagnostic method traditionally available only in higher end condition monitoring hardware and software products.

A handy quick-check solution for identifying problems and assessing machine condition, the MicroVibe-P Analyzer is surprisingly easy-to-use. Built-in automatic functions virtually eliminate set-up, while full-featured analysis displays and automatic judgment of machine vibration readings help users identify machine problems V quickly and easily.

  • Displays overall vibration, time-waveform and FFT spectra for detailed analysis.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) facilitates rapid processing of collected data.
  • Upload overall scalar data to PC for trending.
  • On-board vibration dictionary.
  • Kit includes MicroVibe-P Module, accelerometer and cable, batteries, magnetic base, stinger probe, earphones and carrying case. (does not include PDA).
MicroVibe P An Advanced Instrument for Vibration Analysis
The MicroVibe-P Analyzer collects and displays overall vibration readings and automatically provides expert judgment of the measured velocity, or overall vibration levels, enabling immediate, accurate and reliable assessment of machine or bearing condition.

Versatile Measurement Capability
The MicroVibe-P Analyzer works with a specially designed accelerometer V to enable a multi-parameter approach to your analysis and to optimize vibration data gathering

MicroVibe P will work with the following PDAs running Windows Mobile 2003 OS
  • HP iPAQ hx4700
  • HP iPAQ hx2400/hx2700
  • Toshiba e830

Also compatible with HP iPAQ hx2490
running Mobile 5.0 OS.



Multi-point Automation™ FFT ANALYSIS
Automatically collect 4 of the most useful measurements for vibration analysis V acceleration, velocity, displacement and enveloped acceleration V simultaneously. Selectable resolution at 400, 800 or 1600-lines, selectable Fmax and a 90 db dynamic range. Zoom feature.

Automatic Setup and Onboard Expertise
Extensive auto-setup allows comparing readings to pre- programmed vibration severity criteria for a reliable and accurate evaluation, even for novice users.

Store and Recall Measurements for Trending and Analysis


The unit can store up to 1,000 overall vibration signals, 200 FFT spectrums and 2 megabytes of time waveform data for later recall Measure and store time data, with the capability to select acquisition type and time measurement.


Ordering Information






MicroVibe-P Kit includes:  MicroVibe-P FFT Module, Accelerometer with integral cable, Magnetic Base for accelerometer, Stinger Probe, Data Management Software,  Earphones and Carrying Case.

(1) year warranty on MicroVibe-P Module. Power PC  carries manufacturers warranty.

See Recommended PDA below

Pocket PC PDA Kit


Monarch reserves the right to substitute compatible PDA subject to availability
PDA comes complete from Manufacturer.
Must use Windows Mobile 5.0 OS
Warranty from respective Manufacturer
. 6480-018 Replacement Accelerometer CMSS3811 with integral cable 5 feet (1.5 m) and Stinger Probe
. 6480-017
Replacement Velocity Sensor
CMSS3812 with integral cable 5 feet (1.5 m)



Replacement Magnetic Base
rare earth magnet for accelerometer



NR Headphones, passive noise reduction muff-style headphones

Prices and Specifications are Subject to Change without notice.


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Examiner 1000 Vibration Meter and Electronic Stethoscope

Vibration Meter Image








Features Benefits
One-button operation Ease of use. No training.
Front Panel Severity Chart Instant assessment of vibration. Plan your repairs.
Multi-parameter readings Power to trend defects and eliminate unplanned failures.
Stethoscope Hear what you see in the digital display. You do not have to give up a proven troubleshooting technique-"listening"
Made by Monarch reliable, accurate and affordable.
Examiner 1000 Meter click image to enlarge
Vibration is considered the best operating parameter to judge dynamic conditions such as : The Examiner 1000 is a hand-held, battery-powered overall vibration meter and electronic stethoscope. It is the perfect tool for trending overall vibration readings in process equipment such as :
bearing defects
Rolling element bearing
Motors AC/DC

Vibration Meter and SoftwareThe Examiner 1000 is designed for ease-of-use in  condition-based maintenance programs. It is the ideal tool to begin a Predictive Maintenance Program or to add into an existing World-Class Maintenance Program with FFT data collectors and Analysis Software. Examiner measures vibration in:
Acceleration Enveloping


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