Ultrasonic Leak Detector

VPE 1000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector
ultrasonic leak detector kit
Ultrasonic Sound Generator

optional SG-2 Sound Generator

VPE 1000 is a patented ultrasonic detector which offers extraordinary features:

  • Advanced digital controls

  • Dedicated touch probe sensor for optimum sensitivity and sound quality

  • Two LED displays with peak hold

  • Separate volume and sensitivity settings

  • Dual Sensors-each independent

  • Wide dynamic range increases effectiveness in loud areas

    complete Kit includes: VPE 1000 meter, headphones, wave guide, touch probe, batteries, User Guide and latching carrying case
    add the SG-2 @
Specifications VPE1000
Power 9volt Battery (supplied)
Battery Life 8hrs. continuous
Displays 10 element LED bargraph, and 4 element alphanumeric.
Frequency Response 30-42 kHz Airborne, 18-22 kHz Probe (center)
Audio Output 0 to 4 kHz
Sensitivity -80dB/volt/microbar
Construction ABS and Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions 7.06 x 2.39 x 0.84"
Weight 0.60 lbs.
Monarch UltraPro AG500

Monarch Ultrasonic Leak Detector

UltraPro features a unique Automatic Gain Control which automatically filters the signal to provide the best signal-to-noise ratio, suppressing background noise and pinpointing leaks. The AG circuit simplifies operation, removing complicated adjustment knobs and filter switches. UltraPro offers superior electronics with rugged industrial packaging in a simple-to-use ultrasonic meter.
• Automatic Gain Control
• Simple Operation
• 10 Element LED Bargraph Display
• Industrial Rubber Holster
• Air and Contact Probes
• Audio Out with volume Control

UltraPro AG500 System
Ultrasonic Leak Detector with rubber holster, Headphones, Plastic Wave Guide, Aluminum Touch Probe, Tone Generator, Batteries, User Manual all in a
Latching carrying Case.

Specifications UltraPro AG500
Power 9volt Battery (supplied)
Battery Life 20 hrs. continuous (typical)
Displays 10 element LED bargraph.
Frequency Response 36-44 kHz
Audio Output 0 to 4 kHz
Construction ABS and Anodized Aluminum with Rubber Holster
Dimensions 6.00 x 4.00 x 1.50"
Weight 0.60 lbs.
VPE low-cost Ultrasonic Leak Detector

ultrasonic leak detector kit

Model VPE ultrasonic leak detector and bearing checker offers high sensitivity and great sound quality in a compact package. Designed for one hand operation, this lower cost instrument has many of the same quality features as the VPE 1000 offering patented heterodyne technology.
• Simple Operation
• 10 Element LED Bargraph Display
• Air and Contact Probes
• Audio Out with volume Control
• Low-cost

VPE Kit includes:
 meter, headphones, plastic wave guide, touch probe, battery and latching carrying case. 

Ultrasonic Tone Generators
ultrasonic sound generator 

SG-2 Sound


Ultrasonic Sound Generator


Monarch Ultrasonic Tone

Battery-powered continuous tone source
of 40 kHz. Capable of 155 dB at 30 cm
and can transmit up to 40 feet.
Ideal for enclosed vessels/tanks.

Air Leaks- Gases- Fluids
Do your compressors run on the weekends when the plant is unoccupied? Do you have difficulty maintaining optimum pressures? Have you come to rely on your backup compressor for routine demand? Still think Air is Free??? Save thousands in energy costs by repairing air leaks. Also detects Freon, Propane and all gas leaks.

leak testing
testing for air leaks with the SG-2
sound generator and VPE 1000

Steam Traps & Valves- All Fluid Valves
A major source of energy loss is through leaking steam traps and valves. Leaking steam traps are tremendously inefficient ... it's like trying to heat your house with the windows open. And bad steam traps are surprisingly common, roughly 30% of the traps in a plant with no trap testing programs will be leaking! Use the contact probe to quickly hear internal flow through steam traps and valves.
steam trap testingvalve testing

testing steam traps is simple
Rolling Element Bearings
Using ultrasound to identify bearing wear in its early stages can be a valuable tool toward avoiding major downtime. As internal components in moving machinery begin to wear, increased friction creates subtle changes in the ultrasonic sound being generated. These changes in ultrasound present themselves before other signs like heat or vibration are noticeable.

 bearing testing

advanced warning of 
bearing failures

Ordering Information


P/N Description
VPE-1000 Kit 7830-0302 VPE-1000 Detector, Flexible Wave Guide, 9V battery, Headset, Touch Probe, Large CC-2 Carrying case, Instructional CD, Users Manual
UltraPro AG500 System


UltraPro AG500 System includes: Meter, headphones, Tone Generator, Batteries, Plastic Wave Guide, Touch Probe and Latching Carrying Case
UltraPro AG500 Kit 7830-0902 UltraPro AG500 KIT includes: Meter, Headphones, Batteries, Plastic Wave Guide, Touch Probe and Latching Carrying Case. NO TONE GENERATOR
VPE Kit 7830-0301 VPE Detector, Headset, Touch Probe, Flexible Wave Guide, Latching Carrying Case, Users Manual
Monarch Tone Generator 7830-0951 Monarch Premium Ultrasonic Tone Generator with battery.
SG-2 7830-0351 AccuTrak Ultrasonic Sound Generator with dual output mode


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