UV lamps

UV Germicidal Lamps

Useful in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical and research labs

These lamps use shortwave ultraviolet (254nm) radiation as an effective tool for sterilization and sanitation applications. These lamps can kill up to 99% of bacteria organisms, yeast, mold spores, and germs. They can be used in an upward facing position for purifying the air or in a downward position for sanitizing work surfaces. The lamp can be hung (brackets provided) in order to reduce space required on benchtops.


Ordering information:

  Cat No. Wattage  Dimensions (in.)
(L x W x H)

230 VAC VAC, 50 HZ

2812A-1 15 19.75 x 6 x 4.25
2812C-1 20 24 x 6 x 4.25
2812D-1 40 49.6 x 6 x 4.25


High intensity UV lamps

Lamp 28193 lamps with Visor and funnel lamp with exposure box

Widely used for fluorescence inspection

The model provides 100 Watts of 365nm UV light. Ideal for detecting low level or trace fluorescence.

Dimension : Lamp head: 9-3/4" x 6" Depth / Diameter
Transformer : 4-1/2" x 8-3/8" x 6-7/16"
Weight : 12.5Lbs.

Ordering information: 28193, UV lamp, 220V / 50Hz.

Deluxe Handheld UV Lamps

Features :

  • 28192Z is the only handheld UV lamp available with shortwave (254nm), midrange (302), longwave (365nm) in one unit

  • The lamp is easily switched between wavelengths as your application requires

  • Single wavelength models include a fluorescent tube to provide white light for examination and illumination. A selector switch located on the lamp back makes it easy to change from one light source to the other

  • Single wavelength models are also available with two lamps for greater intensity. Dual bands lamps feature 254/365 and 302/356 combinations

  • Durable lamps are manufactured with an extruded metal housing and scratch-resistant finish. Three wattages provide varying areas of illumination and relative intensity. Use with viewing cabinets and stand sold below

Ordering information:

Cat No. Wavelength Units
4 Watt Lamps
28192A 365nm/White Each
28192B 254nm/White Each
28192D 365nm/365nm Each
28192E 254nm/254nm Each
28192F 365nm/254nm Each
6 Watt Lamps
28192G 365nm/White Each
28192H 302nm/White Each
28192J 254nm/White Each
28192K 365nm/365nm Each
28192L 302nm/302nm Each
28192N 254nm/254nm Each
28192P 365nm/302nm Each
28192Q 365nm/254nm Each
8 Watt Lamps
28192R 365nm/White Each
28192S 302nm/White Each
28192T 254nm/White Each
28192U 365nm/365nm Each
28192V 302nm/302nm Each
28192W 254nm/254nm Each
28192X 365nm/302nm Each
28192Y 365nm/254nm Each
28192Z 365nm/302nm/254nm Each


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