Advanced Thermocouple Thermometers & Hygrometers With RS232 Output

These instruments serve both as portable thermocouple thermometers / hygrometers and as temperature/RH dataloggers when connected to your computer via the RS232 port. Unlike standard chart recorders they can datalog not only air, but liquid and surface temperatures as well, using a wide variety of thermocouple probes. Features include min-max-avg, relative temperature, auto power off, and hold functions. These well made units have exceptional accuracy for thermocouple thermometers, fast response times, high 0.1oC&F resolution (-200 ~ 800) and wide measurement ranges. Meters have large easy to read 3 1/2 digit LCD and accept any Type K or J thermocouple probe. All models comes ready to use with carrying cases, beaded wire probes, and batteries.

Datalogging models TH008/9/14 can automatically record and store up to 16,000 (!) data points in the field which can later be downloaded to your computer. These models come with software and RS232 cables as well as the accessories listed above. Meter dim: 7 1/4” x 2 1/2” x 1 1/4” (184 x 64 x 30mm). Weight: 7.4oz (210g).

With NIST traceable certificate of calibration TH005C, TH006C, TH008C, TH009C






Catalog No.

Meters  Description




Type K, J Thermometer

-200/1370 &

±0.1% rdg. +0.7


Type K, J Thermometer Dual Channel


Type K Datalogging Thermometer

±0.2% rdg. +1 fs


Type K Datalogging Thermometer Dual Channel

Optional Accessories

TH001 RS232 cable (for TH005/6)

TH003 AC adaptor (for TH005/6)

TH010 Type-K Calibrator (for TH005/6/8/9)

TH053 Data Lab Graphical Software (for TH005/6)

TH089 Rubber Holster (for TH005/6/8/9)

TH090 Water Resistant Instrument Pouch (for TH005/6/8/9)

TH092 Bench-Top Tripod (for TH005/6/8/9)

TH093 Field Tripod (for TH005/6/8/9)

TH094 USB Cable (for TH005/6/8/9)


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