Thermal Cycler
Introducing The EdvoCycler™ Classroom Thermal Cycler Designed for PCR Education . . .


The all-new EdvoCycler brings affordable PCR to the classroom without compromise. The 0.2 ml tube block has room for up to 25 student samples and comes pre-programmed with EDVOTEK PCR protocols. These programs may be modified or deleted, and there is extra memory for more. The vivid 7 line LCD displays all program parameters simultaneously without any scrolling. A heated oil-free lid makes operation a snap. Proudly made in the USA

Research supported in part by NIH SBIR NCRR Grant #5R44RR18670.

EdvoCycler Features:

  • 25 x 0.2 ml Tube Block

  • Heated Oil-Free Lid with Magnetic Latch

  • Vivid 7 Line LCD Display

  • Pre-Programmed PCR Protocols

  • Temperature Range: 10XC - 99XC

  • Maximum Ramp Rate: 2XC/sec

  • Weight & Dimensions: 11 lbs. & 16" x 8.5" x 7"

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    Thermal Cycler

    Advanced Design With Exceptional Performance
    TC series Thermal cyclers use advanced Peltier technology to deliver accuracy, economy, high speed ramping rate, better thermal uniformity , small footprint, no-pollution and low noise.
    • Special Peltier module designed for repeated cycling longevity.
    • Hot lid design for oil-free operation.

    Powerful software
    • Menu-driven software is easy for viewing, editing, and running protocols.
    • Large memory capacity stores approximately 99 programs.
    • Ramping rate of less than the maximum may be specified and the temperature and the hold time of every segment can be adjusted to suit the particular PCR reaction.
    • Power-failure protection will resume the program after power interruptions.

    Little Genius
    • 25x0.2ml sample-block and 16x0.5m sample-block can be interchanged easily.
    • Compact structure, light weight and economical price.

    Life Express
    • depending on the tubes, strips and plates. three standard models offer a range of configurations.
    • The intuitive interface makes it easy for viewing. editing and running protocols. Powerful software can optimize the protocol of the PCR process.


    • Up to eight interchangeable blocks for many kinds of PCR testing methods. The instrument can recognize blocks and then load the relative software automatically.
    • Extra large LCD display and friendly controlling software
    Setting or running simple and easy, software is easy to upgrade in the future.
    • Independent controlling dual blocks, Unique designed dual module can run two different programs simultaneously and independently.
    • Gradient block can optimize PCR conditions easily. Maximum 30 J gradient can be realized.
    • Pressure of hot lid is adjustable at will

    In order to meet different kinds of PCR tubes. Two kings of temperature control modes of choosing. They are Temperature of Block and Temperature of Module


    Life Express

    Little Genius







    Sample capability

    96 0.2ml

    48 0.5ml

    48 0.2ml

    25 0.2ml

    16 0.5ml

    Temperature Range

    4XC -99XC

    Heating Rate(Max.)


    Cooling Rate(Max.)


    Temperature Accuracy

    ≤ 0.5XC

    Temperature Uniformity

    ≤ 0.4XC (55XC) ≤ 0.5XC (72XC) ≤ 0.8XC (95XC)

    Hot lid


    Max. Cycling Numbers



    20 2LCD

    Power Supply

    AC220V 50Hz 600VA

    AC220V 50Hz 200VA

    Dimension (mm)

    400 270 240 (Lx W x H)

    285 218 178 (Lx W x H)

    Net Weight





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