Temperature & Humidity Monitors and Dataloggers

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8" Temperature, Humidity & Dew Point Chart Recorder with Remote probe


We have taken 80 years of Instrumentation experience and used it to create a New Generation of Chart Recorders. Featuring our best chart resolution, a rugged  and compact enclosure, flip up pen arm for easy chart and pen changes and 9V battery backup.

Available Features:

  • Large digital display viewable from 25 ft.
  • User selectable recording times and temperature ranges
  • Audio/Visual Alarms
  • C/F and RH/Dew Point switchable
  • User calibration
  • Remote Probe with 10 ft. cord
Order Remote Probe Alarm Digital Display Recording Time Temperature Range
TH801 ˇ@ ˇ@ ˇ@ 24 hour, 7 day (user selectable) 2 user selectable ranges from +32 to +120 (0 to +50)
TH802 ˇ@ ˇ@ Yes 24 hour, 7 day or 31 day (user selectable) 4 user selectable ranges from +32 to +120 (0 to +50)
TH803 Yes Yes Yes 24 hour, 7 day or 31 day (user selectable) 5 user selectable ranges from -20 to +185 (-20 to +50)


One computer can monitor up to 64 loggers that are located at different locations. Multipoint monitor MP100 can connect 8 loggers and 9 MP100 connected together which can create 64 loggers as a network.ˇ@

Model : TR 320, Compact Loggers with Display

Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with Display

Features :

this compact logger lets you record over 32,000 temperature and humidity sample points and view MIN, MAX and current readings with the push of a button. The TR320 features self-contained temperature and humidity sensors and a large 2.5 digit LCD

Where TR320 will be used for? Monitoring food, drug and chemical storage Checking building automation systems Monitoring storage of critical equipment and computers Recording conditions in clean rooms, chambers and incubatorsˇ@

Model : FH 121, LCD Recorder

Flat Panel LCD Recorder with Internal Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Features :

FH121 lets you view detailed temperature and humidity data its large screen and allows for optional PC downloads. The large 4.5" x 2.5" display shows you current temperature and humidity readings and displays a graph of data ranging from 1 hour to 32 days. No paper charts or running back to your PC to see data, this recorder shows you everything at the push of a button.


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