Sharp Edge Tester

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Could the sharp edges on your product cause injury?


Sharp Edge Tester

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SET-50   Sharp Edge Tester
TC-3       Tape Cap Kit, includes 42 pieces

Sharp Edge Tester
The Sharp Edge Tester is the leader in product safety equipment, currently in use worldwide by manufacturers of toys, home appliances, business equipment, automobile manufacturers, home appliances, every item used in the kitchen, and much more.

With so much concern over the safety of products to be used in the home, Underwriter’s Laboratories has issued standards to test edge sharpness on a variety of consumer products.

Technical Engineering Service is the original and only manufacturer of the Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50.

If you are concerned about the safety and sharpness of your product and want to meet international standards as set by UL and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, then you need to order the Sharp Edge Tester and Tape Cap Kit for use on your production line.

The Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50 is extremely easy to use and durable. It consists of a clam-shell type housing which fits into the palm of a hand. Features include a compact arm, sealed ball bearings to reduce friction, and a new spring to meet the latest Underwriter’s Laboratories force requirements. All moving mechanisms are protected against dirt and breakage. The Sharp Edge Tester is used with the available Tape Cap Kit which simulates the thickness of skin on the human finger.

Product Safety Testing Has Never Been This Easy

1. Slide the Tape Cap all the way on to the pressure head of the Sharp Edge Tester with the black center guide line and the uncovered portion of the red plastic cap facing up.

2. Position the tape covered pressure head on the edge of the item to be checked for sharpness. Holding the clam shell base in your hand, press down on the tape covered head until the arm and the tool form a straight line.

3. Move the pressure head two inches along the edge and then back again to the starting point. Then withdraw the tool from the edge. The total distance of engagement between the edge and the tape-covered head is therefore 4 inches.

4. Examine the tape cap to determine whether or not penetration has occurred through the two-sensing layers. If penetration has occurred, the black indicating tape will be visible through the resulting cut. The application of the Sharp Edge Tester to an edge with acceptable sharpness will not result in the cutting through the two outer layers of the sensing tape


Sharp Edge Tester


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