Self-Contained Dataloggers

Place the Datalogger in it’s docking station and program it using your computer and the Datalogger’s own software. Set to read temperature and RH in intervals of 1 second to 2 hours and for visual min-max alarms if desired. Choose to begin recording immediately, at a predetermined time, or via external activation. The Datalogger is now ready for use in electronic, food and drug production, shipping and storage, greenhouses, refrigerators, art galleries, museums, HVAC, process control, meteorology, agriculture, or labs. All Dataloggers come with built in sensors, wall mounts and LEDs that flash as it samples. Models TH052 and TH054 also feature a direct display of current ambient temperature and RH (TH054). Model TH050 takes up to 8,000 readings, models TH052 and TH054 up to 16,000. An internal clock stores the date and time with each reading and non-volatile memory insures that data will not be lost even if the battery dies or is removed. When monitoring is complete simply return the Datalogger to it’s docking station, download and view results on your computer using the same software. Sets include one Datalogger, docking station with computer cable, software, battery and instructions . The same docking station works with any number of Dataloggers of all 3 models.

Model TH050 Temperature Datalogger set TH052 Temperature Datalogger w/LCD set TH054 Temperature/RH Datalogger w/LCD set
Temperature range -40 - 185 & -40 - 85
Temp. resolution 0.1 (-40 - 50)
(50 - 70)
(70 - 85)


Temp. accuracy ±0.6 (-20 - 50), ±1.2 (-40 - 20 & 51 - 85)**
RH range   0 - 100%
RH resolution 0.1%
RH accuracy ±5%RH
Display** none


Maximum Memory 8,000


Water Resistance* waterproof water resistant

3oz (80g)

Dimensions* 4-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 7/8"
(110 x 70 x 20mm)

3" x 2" x 7/8" (80 x 50 x 20mm)

* Datalogger without docking station.

** LCDs do not work reliably below -20 or above 51

With NIST Traceable certificate of compliance TH052/3/4/5 C

Optional Accessories

TH051 Additional Temperature Datalogger (w/out docking station)

TH053 Additional Temperature Datalogger (w/out docking station) w/LCD

TH055 Additional Temperature/RH Datalogger (w/out docking station) w/LCD

TH058 Portable Printer for Dataloggers (pictured below)

TH094 USB Cable


Included software


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