PMA 2100 Radiometers, measure from UV to VIS to IR(Dual Detectors)


  • Variety of detectors available.
  • Data logging.
  • Noise immunity.
  • Automatic unit conversion.
  • Computer interface.
  • User defined alarms.




Detector inputs 2 detector inputs with up to 2 analog signals each or 1 detector with up to 4 signals; mini-D ribbon connectors
Input ranges 0.4V, 4 V, auto-ranging
Resolution 15uV on the 0.4V range
Accuracy 0.2% FS all ranges
Power source 4xAA NiCd or Alkaline batteries; external 9-12V AC or DC adapter
Weight 17 oz (480 grams)
Size 4"W x 7.6"H x 1.75"D (10x19.5x4.5 cm)


Detector Selection Guide

What would you like to measure?
UVA, UVB, UVC, Visible, Infrared, Full Spectrum, Safety, Eryethema, Temperature

Available Options:
A=Analog Output
(4-20 mA or 1-5 VDC)

W=Water resistant
L=Low profile Housing

PMA2110 UVA only L, S ,A
PMA2111 UVA with water proof housing S,A
PMA2112 UVA high intensity probe A
PMA2113 UVA with Liquid Light Guide adapter A
PMA2114 UVA with beam splitter adapter A
PMA2115 UVA flash (peak + pulse energy) detector W, A
PMA2101 UVB eryrthemically weighted P, L , A
PMA2102 UVB with water proof housing A
PMA2103 UVB with Liquid Light Guide adapter A
PMA2104 UVB with underwater housing A
PMA2105 UVB with beam splitter A
PMA2106 UVB only A
PMA2107 P, S, W, L , A
PMA2120 UV radiation safety detector P, S, W, L , A
PMA2122 UVC germicidal detector S, W, L, A
PMA2121 Blue light safety detector P, S, W, L, A
PMA2123 Bilirubin phototherapy detector P, S, W, L, A
PMA2130 Visible Photopic P, S, W, L, A
PMA2131 Visible Scotopic P, S, W, L, A
PMA2132 Visible photosynthetically active radiation S, A
PMA2133 Visible luminance probe A
PMA2135 Photopic flash (peak + pulse energy) detector W, A
Infrared and Full Spectrum
PMA2140 IR and visible global radiometer S, W , A
PMA2141 IR, visible and UVA class II Pyranometer A
PMA2142-3 Full spectrum 3 watt laser power detector A
PMA2142-10 Full spectrum 10 watt laser power detector A
PMA2142-30 Full spectrum 30 watt laser power detector A
PMA2143 Flat response Thermopile A
PMA2161K Thermistor surface temp. probe w/ interface
PMA2162K Thermistor miniature temp. probe w/ interface
PMA2163K Thermistor immersible temp. probe w/ interface
PMA2164K Thermistor S.S Air/Gas temp. probe w/ interface
PMA2165 J or K-type therocouple probe
PMA2170 Relative humidity, dewpoint & temp. probe
Custom Wavelength Detectors
PMA2180 Custom narrow band detector with specific filter P, S, W, L, A


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