Radiation Monitor

Model R007, Radiation meter

Small and light enough to go anywhere, yet sensitive enough to detect minuscule amounts of Gamma, Beta or X-rays. Excellent for scanning lab work areas and clothing , for traces of radioactivity exposure. Useful in school labs for geology and science projects. One button operation, can be used by untrained personnel. Uses a Geiger-Mueller tube detector. The meter registers 0.1 to 10mR / hr. (milli-Roentgen), on a unique logarithmic scale.

Audible clicking will increase with the amount of background radiation. Beeping begins at 20mR / hr, increasing in frequency in proportion to the radiation level. Powered by 9V battery, included, which lasts 50 hours at normal background levels. Dimension: 6-3/8" x 3-1/4" x 1-3/8". Weight: 8.5oz.

Range: 0.1 to 10mR / hr & 1-100uSv / hr.


Model R026, Radiation meter

Same design as radiation meter R007, but with a broader scale, 0-100mR / hr. If required this unit can be calibrated to NRC standards by a government authorized test facility. Used in applications where radiation may be present in greater than trace amounts.

Range: 0-100mR / hr. & 0-1000uSv / hr.




Scintillator/Ratemeter with Probe

Essential in every lab that uses radioisotopes.

  • Internal GM and external scintillation detectors

Versatile, lightweight monitor provides meter and audible indication. Built-in 5 cm pancake GM detector for low level alpha and beta provides 98% P32 efficiency. Probe scintillator on 40" cable for low level gamma and x-ray provides 87% I125 efficiency. Convenient handle affords 1-hand operation. Four ranges: 500/5000/50K/500K cpm; 0.15/1.5/15/150 mR/hr. With adjustable time constant, antisaturation circuit, battery test, and volume/sound off control. Includes 9V transistor battery

Cat. No.



Scintillator with detach probe


Radiation Ratemeter with Probe

Detects radiation from a wide range of sources

  • Meter and audible sonalert

Detachable 5cm pancake GM probe is useful for measurements as well as surface and personnel monitoring. Convenient handle affords 1-hand operation. For low level alpha and beta or high level gamma and x-ray detection in 3 ranges: 500/5000/50K cpm or 0.15/1.5/15 mR/hr. With antisaturation circuit, battery test, and volume control. Includes 9V transistor battery.

Detector can be used for external sample counting as well as for determining surface contamination

Cat. No.



Radiation meter with detach probe

Radiation Surface Monitor

Handy pocket-sized meter can be taken anywhere

Meter, LED and audible beeper keeps you informed

Lightweight, affordable unit is ideal for general purpose monitoring. Internal 9mm pancake GM tube detects 150 keV beta with 75% efficiency, 50 keV beta at 21% efficiency, 3.6 Mev alpha at >80% efficiency, and gamma/x-rays down to 10keV. With antisaturation circuit, battery test, volume/sound off control, and carrying case. Requires 9V transistor battery 11401E


Cat. No. 21723,     Detector radiation

Radiation Monitor

Offers excellent sensitivity to low-levels of alpha, beta and gamma rays!

The Inspector EXP™, a small handheld microprocessor-based instrument, offers excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. The digital readout is displayed with a red count light and audible beep, providing constant indications of the radiation level. Display will update every 3 seconds. At low background levels, the update is the moving average for the past 30 seconds. Times period for moving average decrease as the radiation level increase. Other benefits include an adjustable timer and external calibration controls. A utility menu offers several options : 3 second fast response; switches from mR/hr and CPM to µSv/hr and CPS; reset the cal factor to 100; probe adjustment settings, adjust the CAL factor; reset all settings to default.

Unit comes with external pancake probe and cable and carrying case with clear window to provide full view of the read out. Requires one 9V battery

Cat. No. 1918,   Radiation Monitor (with probe and cable)

Radiation Survey Meters

Incorporates high sensitivity electronics

Separate and specific non-interacting potentiometers for each range, high-voltage adjustment, probe saturation and input sensitivity

Loud audible signal corresponding to probe signal intensity

This radiation survey meter incorporates high sensitivity electronics in a rugged, moisture resistant, cast aluminum case for extra long-term reliability and durability. This radiation meter has separate and specific non-interacting potentiometers for each range, for high-voltage adjustment, for probe saturation and for input sensitivity. Low battery condition or probe saturation indicated by LED indicators. A loud audible signal, corresponding to probe signal intensity, may be activated or deactivated with a conveniently located switch on the front panel. Panel controls include: Main selector switch for OFF, X100, X10, X1; Voltage switch for Battery X1 and HV X100; Audio ON/OFF switch; Response Potentiometer - 4 to 20 second, continuously visible.

Both 3327A and 3327B have an earphone jack for optional earphones. 3327B features an auto-ranging analog display and is self calibrating for CPM. Both 3327A and 3327B Radiation Survey Meters are engineered, with the probes listed below, for most applications. Rugged, low cost, these meters are designed to provide many years of reliable operation. Two 9V alkaline batteries provide 200 hours of nominal operation

Cat. No.



0-0.2; 0-2.0; 0-20mR / hr.


0-500; 0-5000; 0-50000cpm


Ordering code: R0809092

Radiation Monitor, from 50MHz to 3.5GHz

  • 50 MHz to 3.5 GHz frequency range.
  • For isotropic measurements of electromagnetic fields.
  • Non-directional (isotropic ) measurement with three-channel measurement probe.
  • High dynamic range due to three-channel digital results processing.
  • Configurable alarm threshold and memory function.
  • Easy to use
  • High frequency (RF) electromagnetic wave field strength measurement.
  • Mobil phone base station antenna radiation power density measurement.
  • Wireless communication applications (CW , TDMA , GSM , DECT).
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installation.
  • Spy camera, wireless bug finder.
  • Cellular/Cordless phone radiation safety level.
  • Microwave oven leakage detection.
  • Personal living environment EMF safety.
  • RF power measurement for transmitters.
Sensor type Electric field (E)
Frequency range 50MHz to 3.5 GHz
Directional characteristic Isotropic, 3-dimensional
Measurement range (CW signal>50MHz) 38mV/m to 11V/m
Absolute error(@1V/m and 50MHz) 1.0dB
Frequency response (taking into account typ. CAL factor) 1.0dB (50MHz to 1.9 GHz) , 2.4dB(1.9GHz to 35GHz)
Isotropy deviation Type. 1.0dB f>50 MHz
Overload limit 4.2W/m2 (40 V/m)
Temperature response(0 to 50 J) 1.5dB
Note Unless otherwise stated, all specifications hold under the following assumptions:

Sinusoidal signals; device in far-field of a source; probe head pointing toward source; ambient temperature +23 J3 J;relative air humidity 25% to 75%.

Measurement method Digital , triaxial measurement
Directional characteristic Isotropic, triaxial
Measurement range selection One continuous range
Display resolution 0.1mV/m, 0.1 gA/m, 0.01 gW/m2
Setting time Typically 1s ( 0 to 90% of meas. value)
Display refresh rate Typically 400mS
Display type LCD 4 digit
Audible alarm Buzzer
Measurement units mV/m , V/m , gA/m , mA/m , gW/m² , mW/m² , gW/cm²
Measurement display value Instantaneous measured value, maximum value or average value since power-on.
Measurement average time (in per-set steps) 4s to 15 minutes
Measurement alarm function Adjustable threshold with ON/OFF
Measurement calibration factor CAL Adjustable
Manual data memory and read storage 99 sets ( only recall by meter )
Battery 9V
Battery life >15 hours
Accessory 9V battery, carrying case & manual



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