Micromanometers with Pitot Tube Thermometers 2114P.0, 2114P.2, 2134P.0, 2134P.2

The 2114P.0 and 2114P.2, 2134P.0 and 2134P.2 are portable micromanometers using Pitot tubes and a large LCD display. They are used to perform measurements in the fields of air conditioning, heating and ventilation. They measure the differential pressure detected by a Pitot tube connected to the instrument inputs acquiring the wind speed and flow rate inside pipelines and vents. They also measure the temperature using a type K thermocouple sensor. The instruments can be used as thermometers, and can be employed with any kind of thermocouple K sensor if a standard miniature connector is used.

The 2114P.2 and 2134P.2 instruments are dataloggers. They memorize up to 36,000 samples which can be transferred from the instrument connected to a PC via the multi-standard RS232C serial port and USB 2.0. The storing interval, printing, and baud rate can be configured using the menu. They are also fitted with an RS232C serial port and can transfer the acquired measurements to a PC or to a portable printer in real time.

The Max, Min and Avg function calculates the maximum, minimum or average values. Other functions include: the relative measurement REL, the HOLD function, and the automatic turning off which can also be disabled. The instruments have IP67 protection degree.



Instrument technical characteristics

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 185x90x40mm
Weight 470g (complete with batteries)
Materials ABS, rubber
Display 2x412 digits plus symbols
Visible area: 52x42mm
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -5-50XC
Warehouse temperature -25-65XC
Working relative humidity 0-90%RH without condensation
Protection degree IP67
Batteries 4 1.5V type AA batteries
Autonomy 200 hours with 1800mAh alkaline batteries
Power absorbed with instrument off 20gA
Mains - models 2114P.2 and 2134P.2 Output mains adapter 9Vdc / 250mA
Measuring Unit XC - XF - Pa - mbar - mmH2O - PSI - m/s km/h - ft/m - mph - knot - l/s - m3/h - cfm
Security of memorized data Unlimited, independent of battery charge conditions
Date and time Schedule in real time
Accuracy 1min/month max departure
Measured values storage - models 2114P.2 and 2134P.2
Type 2000 pages containing 18 samples each
Quantity 36000 samples
Storage interval 1s-3600s (1hour)
Serial interface RS232C - models 2114P.2 and 2134P.2

RS232C electrically isolated

Baud rate

Can be set from 1200 to 38400 baud

Data bit 8
Parity None
Stop bit 1
Flow Control


Serial cable length Max 15m
Immediate print interval 1s-3600s (1hour)
USB interface - models 2114P.2 and 2134P.2

1.1 - 2.0 electrically isolated

Pressure inputs 2 quick couplings 5mm
TC type K Temperature input 2-pole female polarized standard miniature connector
Serial and USB interface - models 2114P.2 and 2134P.2 8-pole MiniDin connector
Mains adapter - models 2114P.2 and 2134P.2 2-pole connector (positive at centre)

Measurement of pressure, wind speed and flow rate calculated by the internal sensor, and temperature measured using thermocouple K

@ 2114P.0
Measurement range
Differential pressure 20mbar 200mbar
Speed (*) 2 -55m/s 2-180m/s
Temperature using thermocouple K -200-+1370XC -200-+1370XC
Temperature using Pitot tube -200-+600XC -200-+600XC
Maximum overpressure 300mbar 1bar
Differential pressure 0.005mbar 0.01mbar-1Pa

0.1 m/s - 1 km/h - 1 ft/min - 1 mph - 1 knots

Flow Rate

1 l/s - 0.01P103m3/h - 0.01P103cfm



Differential pressure 0.4%f.s. 0.25%f.s.
Speed (2% reading+0.1m/s) (2% reading +0.3m/s)
Temperature (**) 0.1XC 0.1XC
Minimum speed 2m/s 3m/s
Automatic air temperature compensation


Manual air temperature compensation


Unit of Measurement
Unit of Measurement pressure

Pa- mbar - mmH2O - PSI


m/s V km/h V ft/min V mph - knots

Flow rate

l/sV m3/h V cfm



Pipeline section for flow rate calculation

0.0001-1.9999 m2

Fluid contacting the membrane

non corrosive air and gas

(*) At 20XC, 1013mbar and Ps negligible
(**) The accuracy only refers to the instrument. The error due to the thermocouple or to the cold junction reference sensor is not included.

Temperature drift @20XC


Drift after 1 year


Type K Thermocouple probes

Accuracy of the thermocouple probes

The tolerance of a type of thermocouple corresponds to the maximum acceptable departure from the e.m.f. of any thermocouple of that type, with reference junction at 0XC. The tolerance is expressed in degrees Celsius, preceded by the sign. The percentage tolerance is given by the ratio between the tolerance expressed in degrees Celsius and the measurement junction temperature, multiplied by one hundred. The thermocouples conforming to regulations ASTM E230 and CEI EN60584-2 must comply with one of the following tolerance levels, the values of which are reported in the table.

G I (special tolerances)
(normal tolerances)

The tolerances refer to the expected thermocouple operating temperature, in agreement with the thermoelements diameter.

Accuracy of type K thermocouples:

Range XC

G I*



1.1XC or 0.4%

2.2XC or 0.75%

-200 - 0XC (**)


2.2XC or 2%

(*) The higher of the two optional limits is the valid one. Example: at 200XC the percentage tolerance for type K thermocouple, tolerance G II, is 0.75% and is equal to 1.5XC. Therefore, the limit of 2.2XC is valid. On the other hand, at 600XC the percentage tolerance is equal to 4.5XC, and therefore this is the limit to use.

(**) The thermocouples that meet the limits for temperatures above 0XC do not necessarily meet the limits for the range under 0XC.

Ordering Information

2114P.0 K

The kit is composed of the 2114P.0 with 20mbar full scale and thermocouple K input, 4 1.5V alkaline batteries, operating manual, case. The Pitot tubes have to be ordered separately.

2114P.2 K

The kit is composed of the 2114P.2 datalogger with 20mbar full scale and thermocouple K input, connection cable 2101/USB, 4 1.5V alkaline batteries, operating manual, case and DeltaLog9 software. The Pitot tubes have to be ordered separately.

2134P.0 K

The kit is composed of the 2134P.0 with 200mbar full scale and thermocouple K input, 4 1.5V alkaline batteries, operating manual, case. The Pitot tubes have to be ordered separately.


The kit is composed of the 2134P.2 datalogger with 200mbar full scale and thermocouple K input, connection cable 2101/USB, 4 1.5V alkaline batteries, operating manual, case and DeltaLog9 software. The Pitot tubes have to be ordered separately.


8-pole connection cable MiniDin - Sub D 9-pole female for RS232C.


Connection cable USB 2.0 connector type A - 8-pole MiniDin.


Software for download and management of the data on PC using Windows 98 to XP operating systems.


Extension with male-female standard miniature connectors to connect the Pitot tubes thermocouple K to the instrument, length 2m.


Stabilized power supply at 230Vac/9Vdc-300mA mains voltage.


On request, portable, serial input, 24 column thermal printer, 58mm paper width.

(*) TC = Pitot tubes with thermocouple K

Thermocouple K probes

All thermocouple probes of type K can be connected to the instruments using the standard miniature connector, which can be found in the price list.18VA-19


Pressure & Vacuum Meters

PL100 Pressure Data Logger

Features : PL series Pressure Data Loggers with jumbo display offer all of the key features you have been looking for including: Min/Max display, super high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, one step data transfer using removable SD Flash memory cards, 1 second sample rate, and much more. All of these features are available in three pressure ranges: 0 to 100, 300, or 500 PSI and come in a NEMA 4x water resistant enclosure. Downloading logged data is easier than ever with two download options: USB, or portable Flash memory cards.

User-friendly software makes it simple to integrate recorded pressure data into documents and spreadsheets, giving results a professional, polished look. When fulfillment of regulatory requirements or accurate recording of pressure for quality control is needed, this logger is the perfect instrument.

Pressure Range : 0-100 PSI
Pressure Accuracy : +/- 1% of full scale
Ambient Operating Conditions : -20 to +70C; 0 to 100% RH
Download Type : USB or Flash Memory Card
Data Capacity : 32,000 sample points
Sample Interval : 1 second to 24 hours (user selectable)
Sample Storage Rate : Storage rate until logger is full may vary, dependent upon selected Sample Interval.
Power Source : 4 AA batteries
Battery Life (Average) : 6 months
Units of Measure : PSI, Atm, Bar, milli Bar, in H2O, ft H2O, mm H2O, mm HG, in Hg, Pascal, Kilo Pascal
Fitting : 1/4?NPT
Calibration : Standard Dickson Certificate of Calibration
Available Calibration Options : User: zero point; Factory: zero point & span NIST traceable
User Calibration w/ SW400 : Yes
Enclosure : Velox PBT NEMA 4x enclosure
Mounting : Stem or keyhole slots for wall mounting
Software Required : A016
PC/Software Requirements : PC w/ 386MHz or faster microprocessor, 16 MB RAM, 1 USB root hub, CD drive Dimensions : 17.6 cm x 16.0 cm x 7.4 cm

Pressure & Vacuum Meter Selection chart




Wide Range

Pressure Meter


Vacuum Meter


Gas Pressure




Liquid Pressure


Differential Pressure


Vacuum Pressure


High Pressure




P080 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 Manometer

Ideal for measuring low differential pressure in clean rooms, test and balance, medical equipment, HVAC, pneumatic systems and computer peripherals. Portable, and weighing only 5 oz (150 g) including the battery, these meters are convenient for use in the lab, field or factory. Five models are available covering a wide range. All read gauge, and differential pressure in up to 11 units of measure and feature large backlight display, max-min, hold, and auto power off functions. The RS232 port enables communication with a computer High accuracy of 0.3% fs at 25oC, repeatability: 0.2% (max 0.5%) FSO, and combined linearity and hysteresis: 0.2 (Max 1.0%) FSO. All Manometers come ready to use with connection hose, instructions, and a 9V battery, in a hard shell carrying case.

Dim: 71/8 x 23/4 x 1 (182 x 72 x 30mm)

Optional Accessories

P027 AC Adapter
P052 Software
P054 RS232 Cable
P089 Rubber Holster
P090 Water Resistant Instrument Pouch
P094 USB Cable
















Wide Range Pressure Meter P065

Covers a wide pressure range, 0 ~ 725 PSI, not usually found in a single meter. Compatible with both liquids and gases. Useful in measuring pneumatic pressure, automobile engine vacuum pressure, super heat measurements, hydraulic servo controls, refrigeration, air conditioning, and food processing. Features eight units of measure, min-max, hold, auto power off and an RS232 computer interface. Comes in a hard carrying case with a 9V battery. Transducers sold separately.
 Dim: 7 x 3 x 1-1/2 (180 x 75 x 35mm). 
Weight: 13oz (380g).

Optional Accessories

P066 29 PSI Transducer
P067 72.5 PSI Transducer
P068 145 PSI Transducer
P069 290 PSI Transducer
P070 725 PSI Transducer
P051 Datalogger with Data Lab Graphical Software v. 1.03 or higher
P053 Data Lab Graphical Software v. 1.03 or higher
P055 RS232 Cable
P090 Water Resistant Instrument Pouch
P094 USB Cable


Vacuum Meter P064

Portable meter for absolute vacuum pressure measurements in hospital labs, crystal growing, solvent recovery, distillation, and rotary evaporation. Also used in HVAC, automotive and other industrial applications. Includes a detachable heavy-duty probe with 1/4" PS connector for liquid, air, oil and gas. Features a large display with eight units of measure, min-max, hold, low battery indicator, auto power off and an RS232 computer interface. Comes ready to use in a foam-lined, hard-shell carrying case, with 9V battery and instructions.

Dim: 7" 3 1-1/2" (180 75 35mm),
Weight: meter 8 oz (220g) with battery,

Optional Accessories

P080 Software
P055 RS232 Cable
P094 USB Cable
P090 Water Resistant - Instrument Pouch



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