LCD Display Portable Meters

  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Simple one-button standardization
  • Auto-buffer recognition
  • Simultaneous display of measurement and temperature

Ultra-easy to use, these new portable meters offer ruggedness, precision and reliability. This low-cost meter has the same great user interface that makes the meter so popular. Available in three models: UP-5 to measure pH/Temperature; UP-10 to measure pH/mV/Temperature and the UP-25 to measure pH/mV/Ion/Temperature.

All models feature simultaneous display of measurement and temperature reading with resolution to 0.01pH, 0.1 mV or 3 significant figures ion concentration (Model UP-25). Temperature compensation is automatic with an optional ATC probe or when using a combination pH/ATC electrode. Enter one to three buffers for calibration, with auto buffer recognition of 16 different buffers


Ordering information:

meter with kit includes: meter, pH electrode, 9V battery and instruction manual

Catalog number Model
9570 UP-5 with kit
9571 UP-10 with kit
9572 UP-25 with kit


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