Nucleic Acid Purification System

Brand: Gene Pure
Country: Japan


Nucleic Acid Purification System adopts magnetic bead extraction technique to extract and purify nucleic acid. By matching with different kits, it can automatically produce high-purified nucleic acid from various sources such as blood, tissue, and cell. With perfect structural design, it is much easy for operation and becomes good assistant for researchers in lab owing to many of its advantages ,such as: time-saving, power saving, high efficiency and excellent uniformity.


Automatically extract and purify nucleic acid; Speedy processing many samples
The instrument realizes automatic purification of nucleic acid and can deal with 32 samples simultaneously, whose rate is 4-5 times higher than that done by handiwork.

Stable and reliable result, high repetition and uniformity
Automatic operation ensures stable result of experiments and avoids the differences and errors made by operator when it was done by handiwork.

Various programmable procedures for choosing
There are many standard purifying procedures inside for choosing, while users can also edit procedures freely. Automatic purification procedures reduce harmful materials so that guard the heath of operators.

High reclaiming and purifying rate
To match with small-nanometer magnetic pearl extraction reagents, the system optimizes the effects of reclaiming and extraction. Its production can be use for succeeding experiments directly.

The pollution within the same batch or among different batches were strictly controlled
Using intelligent operation system to control the pollution within one batch; while adopting one-off plastic cannula to avoid the pollution among different batches.

Wide applied range
It can extract many kinds of nucleonic acid and protein by using specialized reagent kits.


Lysising Lyse cells in nuclei lysis buffer and release nucleic acid into the buffer.
• Binding
Add magnet beads to the buffer and mix in order to bind the nucleic acid to the coated of beads.
• Washing
Repeatedly wash the surface of beads to get rid of needless nucleic acid, protein, salts or other impurities.
• Eluting
Move the magnet beads to elution buffer and mix well. The nucleic acid will fall off from the surface of beads and dissolve to the buffer.
• Reclaiming
Wipe off the magnet beads from the elution buffer and reclaim the nucleic acid solution.

Model ETC-32
Samples 32 samples/time
Volume Processed Range 50-800ul
Magnetic Columns 4×8specs
Efficiency to Reclaim Magnets >90%
Default Programs y 1-6
Dimension (mm) 430×372×440L×W×H
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 330W
Net Weight 25kg

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