Moisture Meters 

Model: M050 Moisture Meter

Provides the rapid determination of the moisture content in wood in the surveying of buildings for dampness, water or fire damage; for the manufacture, installation and repair of wood furniture and flooring; and for all lumber and timber inspection. Internal calibrations are resident for 150 different species of wood. Fast response time. Features max-min, hold, automatic power shut-off, and self-calibration functions. A RS232 port enables computer interface. Covers a range of 9~30% in 0.1% resolution and with an accuracy of 4% + 5d (at 23XC 5XC). Comes ready to use with a probe, a 41 cable, pin cover, spare contact pins, a hard shell carrying case, battery and instructions.

Dim: 7" x 3" x 1-1/4 (188 x 76 x 32mm).

Weight: 12oz (340g).


Model : DX Wood Moisture meter

pocket-size meters combined:

the perfectly designed case, a wide range,

a LED readout with large, easy-to-read numbers and convenient corrections for 20 wood groups.

  • The digital read-out has a resolution of 0.1% in the critical range below 10%.

  • Above 10%, moisture is indicated in 1% steps

  • Measuring range 5*% - 65*%.

  • 20 different settings for wood species corrections built-in




Model mini-Scanner

The Ligno-Scanners  indicate dry moisture levels. These economically-priced meters offer state-of-the-art electronics with 8 settings to correct for different species. Large easy-to- read LCD display offers 0.1% resolution.

The Ligno-Scanners are  ideal when looking for water pockets in boards or when scanning large areas for water or flood damage. The mini-Scanner is also useful when checking finished products such as cabinet doors, table tops or ready-to-sell furniture, where pin meters leave visible marks. (Measuring Depth determines which Scanner you should choose) 

Specifications for Scanners 

  • Range: 5-25% dependent upon species
  • Species Corrections: 8 Settings for Ligno-Scanner D and S, 36 Settings for SD, 6 Settings for mini-Scanner L1 and LD
  • No Wood Temperature Correction is necessary
  • One 9-Volt Battery for over 3000 readings
  • Size: 2"L x 5"W x 1/2"H  (50 x 125 x 12.5mm)
  • Weight: 6ozs (150g)
  •  Comes in a Carry Pouch with Belt Loop

The entire measuring field has to be within the work piece for accurate  Readings.

@ measuring depth  measuring pad
Ligno-Scanner D  3/4" 1 5/8"  x  2 5/8"
Ligno-Scanner S 1/4" 1 5/8" x  2 5/8"
Ligno-Scanner SD 1/4" and 3/4" 1 5/8" x  2 5/8"


Model BLD 5800, the complete dampness diagnosis instrument for the built environment


a new product for measuring moisture conditions in buildings to aid understanding of how and why damp conditions may prevail. It combines moisture meter and hygrometer functionality in one state-of-the-art instrument for a complete moisture surveying capability





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