Highly Accurate Moisture Meter For Building Materials

Insulation, Roofs, Masonry, Concrete, Gypsum, Wood, Plaster

  • Eliminate the guesswork when performing routine maintenance and locate moisture before structural defects can become severe

  • Resistance-type meters are easy to use and can utilize external probes to facilitate measurements in the field

  • Will detect relative moisture levels in almost any material

  • Use to trace leaks

  • Will show moisture levels that can not be seen or felt

Microprocessor Advanced Features

  • Three separate scales for accurate moisture readings

          Wood: 6-40% (Absolute)

          Gypsum: 0.2-6.0% (Absolute)

          Relative: LED lights for wet-to-dry reading on non-wood materials

  • Averages up to 100 readings and has audible alarm set point

  • Microcontroller circuit with built-in calibration check

Ordering Information


Moisture Kit.

Includes meter, built-in 5/16" penetration probe, one 3 1/4" penetration probe, 9V battery and case


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