Brand: Ken-A-Vision
Country: USA

The Professor Stereo
The world's first inclined binocular stereo microscope designed specifically for students. This stereoscope is made of high impact resistant plastic and all glass optics for clean, crisp viewing. The Professor Stereo is available for purchase as a single unit or in packs of ten.

  • High Impact Plastic Construction
  • Battery Operated - 300 hours of use
  • Large Knobs for Small Hands
  • Ken-A-Vision Cool Lighting
  • Slip Clutch Indestructable Focus System
  • Portable
  • Complete with Dust Cover
  • Student Proof with Safety Screw Construction
Weight 1.25 lbs / 0.57kg
Size 5.5" X 4.5" X 9"
14cm X 12cm X 23cm
Eyepiece 10x
Optics Glass
Head 45X angle single fixed
Adjustable binocular eyepiece
Objective Lens 2x
Stage Plate Reversible black / white
Upper Illuminator Ken-A-Vision Cool Lighting
Base 5.5" x 4.5" / 14cm x 12cm
Power Source 2 AA Batteries (included)
ESH200 Single Unit
ESH210 10 Stereo Microscopes


T-2200 and T-2600 Vision Scopes
Our uniquely designed stereoscopes provide a rubber base for stability and protection. Magnifications can be varied by changing the power of the eyepiece optics to provide bright, clear stereoscopic (3-D) images. These stereomicroscopes are value-priced to meet most budgets.

  • Dual Rocker Switch: Separate on/off switch for transmitted and incident light
  • Dimmer Control: Variable intensity controls for incident light
  • Oversized Focus Knob: Makes it easy to focus
  • Interchangeable Head: Using the same base, simply change the head from 2x and 4x to a 1x and 3x
  • 3-way transmitted light: Use top, bottom, or both lights at the same time
  • 360X Rotatable Head: Ideal for viewing specimens from either side of the scope
  • Transmitted Fluorescent: Provides cool operation on stage area
Weight 12 lbs / 6 Kg
Base Material Metal construction
Base Dimension 170mm x 230mm
Head Type 45X angle Binocular
Interpupillary adjustment 55mm to 75mm
Eyepieces 10x or 20x Widefield with diopter
Turret Objective 1x and 3x; 2x and 4x
Zoom Objective 1x to 4x
Light Source Upper and Lower - Fluorescent transmitted light below and variable halogen incident light above.
Focusing Coarse and Fine
Stage Plate Frosted
T-2200 1x and 3x objectives, 10x eyepiece
T-2202 1x and 3x objectives, 20x eyepiece
T-2204 2x and 4x objectives, 10x eyepiece
T-2206 2x and 4x objectives, 20x eyepiece
T-2600 1x to 4x zoom objective, 10x eyepiece
MSRP T-220X:


T-2701 Research Scope
Performance and comfort make this a leading choice in education, laboratories and universities. Ergonomic design, rugged construction and simple operating procedures make this microscope the microscope of choice. The T-2701 is value-priced with high quality optics. The optional Trinocular head is great for upper level courses.

  • 10x WF Eyepiece: Extra wide 19mm eyepiece
  • Dual Diopter: Individual adjustment for each eye
  • Seidentopf Binocular: Interpupilar adjustment has no effection magnification
  • 30X Inclined Head: Provides comfortable viewing angle
  • Reversed Nose piece: Allows greater stage working area
  • Low position coaxial mechanical stage: Ergonomically designed for ease in positioning your microscope slide.
  • Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focal Adjustment : Longer lasting all metal construction
  • Tension Adjustment: Easily accessible stage drift control
  • Unique Base: Designed to fit microscope cabinets
Weight 15 lbs / 8 Kg
Base Material Rubber bottom base
Base Dimension 240mm x 210mm
Size 8"W x 9"D x 15"H
Head Type 30 degree Inclined Rotating Seindentopf Binocular
T-2703 Head Type 30 degree Inclined Rotating Seindentopf Trinocular
Eyepiece (2) 10x Widefield
Objective Lens 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR DIN
Nosepiece Reversed 4 hole
Focal Adjustment Coaxial Coarse and Fine
Condenser Rack and Pinion Abbe 1.25 NA
Light Source 20 Watt Halogen Bulb


T-1922C Comparison Scope
The Comparison Microscope by Ken-A-Vision® is the perfect classroom tool for teaching forensics or any comparative science. It allows side-by-side comparisons of two slides as well as the ability to view each slide individually. The high-quality optics, and precision mechanics to provide a safe and flexible value.

  • Side-by-side comparisons of evidence
  • Each microscope focuses independently
  • Object or microscope slide on each side can be viewed in a full field independently OR together in a split screen
  • Stage manipulators optionally available
Weight 24.6 lbs / 11.16 Kg
Base Material All metal construction
Size 21"H x 8.25"L x 15.5"W
53cm H x 21.59cm L x 39.37cm W
Head Type Binocular
Number of Heads 1
Eyepiece 10x Widefield with pointer
Objective Lens 4x, 10x, 40xR DIN
Light Source KAV Cool Light
Number of Microscopes 2
Degree of Change 0-100%
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