Load Cell, Force and Torque Sensor

The BGI Force / Torque Gauge is a unique product that is designed for working with interchangeable remote force and torque sensors. These sensors cover a variety of force measurement and torque measurement applications and are available in a broad range of capacities. No calibration or setup is required - simply plug and play.

Use MESURgauge Analysis Software to tabulate, graph, and analyze test data


  • Fully interchangeable force and torque BGI force/torque sensors with "personality" modules
  • Unlimited number of sensors possible due to unique design
  • Programmable default configuration for each sensor
  • RS-232, Mitutoyo and analog outputs
  • GCL - Gauge Control Language for full computer control
  • Averaging mode for average readings over time
  • External trigger for data capture and switch testing
  • Programmable dual set points with outputs
  • General purpose I/O for external device control
  • Programmable auto-shutoff
  • Selectable units of measurement
  • Push-button calibration
  • Battery or AC operation
  • Peak reading memory
  • Accuracy: 0.1% of full scale 1 digit + sensor's accuracy
  • Sampling rate: 65 readings/sec
  • Battery life: 8 hours per charge
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs (0.4 kg)
  • Environmental requirements: 5 - 45 deg. C, <96% humidity (non-condensation)
  • CE mark
Inline force sensors, tension and compression
Miniature button force sensors, compression only
S-beam force sensors, tension and compression
Miniature S-beam force sensors, tension and compression


Universal torque sensors
Universal torque sensors with interchangeable attachments
Torque wrenches
Wrench extension torque sensors



Tool calibration torque sensors
Closure torque sensors



  • Table top stand
    Includes mounting holes for bench mounting and angle adjustment.
  • >> MESURgauge Software - tabulates and plots load vs. time or load vs. travel. Also calculates statistics, exports to Excel, and more.
  • Output cables
    Send test data to a PC, statistical printer, or other data collector for further analysis.
  • Set point cable
    Stops test stand travel at programmable high and low set points for tension and compression forces. For use with Mark-10 motorized test stands.
  • >> Hi / lo limits indicator
    Set limit conditions for a test - the indicator will display red lights for high and low limits, and a green light to indicate passing.
  • Overload protection module
    Protects the force gauge against overloads during motorized tests, adjustable from 20 - 110% of gauge's full capacity. For use with Mark-10 motorized test stands.

Model Description @
BGI Force/torque indicator, 110V
BGIE Force/torque indicator, 220V
Optional Equipment
AC1004 Mounting kit, BGI to TS-Series test stands
AC1008 Stand, table top
15-1004 MESURgauge Software
09-1048A Serial cable, gauge to PC
09-1047 Cable, gauge to Mitutoyo SPC
09-1090 Cable, set point, gauge to test stand
11-1022 Hi / Lo limits indicator
11-1042 Overload protection module, gauge to test stand
The BGI is supplied in a cushioned carrying case with AC adapter and rechargeable battery.



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