Low Cost Combination Ion Selective Electrodes

Durable epoxy body with sealed, gel-filled reference

These combination ISEs are low-cost, low-maintenance electrodes, perfect for routine or occasional measurements. They require no separate reference electrode or filling solutions. Simply remove the protective cap, calibrate, and measure. Ammonia gas sensing electrode features convenient pre-assembled membrane caps which are easily replaced. Electrodes come with a 3 foot cable and BNC connector for use with most major brand pH/ISE meters.


Cat No. Ion Units
1264A Chloride(Cl-) Each
1264B Flouride(Fl-) Each
1264C Calcium(Ca++) Each
1264D Potassium(K+) Each
1264E Ammonia(NH3) Each
1264F Replacement Caps for Ammonia PK/4

* other ion measurement electrodes available, please contact us for details.


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