Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer

The detection and measurement of petroleum hydrocarbons in water was historically achieved by sampling followed by gas chromatography or infrared analysis. With the advent of the Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer, the worlds first patented fiber optic chemical sensor (FOCSR) built into a portable analyzer, it is now possible to measure ppm levels of petroleum hydrocarbons in vapor or ground water via a sampling well, in the field and in real time.

The portable hydrocarbon analyzer is designed to meet field monitoring requirements. In the analytical mode, it gives fast and accurate quantitative data for petroleum hydrocarbons in water and vapor. The data correlates very well with lab gas chromatographic analysis. In the screening mode, it offers fast relative data on petroleum hydrocarbon contamination, tracking field gas chromatograph data for TPH, and responds strongly to BTEX components.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Remediation Monitoring
  • Site Assessment
  • Well Plume Monitoring
  • Storm/Waste Water Monitoring
  • Hydrocarbon Breakthrough
  • Leak Detection AST/UST




Operating Range

0-20,000 ppm as TPH

0-2,000 ppm as TPH

Lower Limit of Detection

<10 ppm as xylene

0.1 ppm as xylene

Hydrocarbons Detected

C6 and higher MW
petroleum hydrocarbons

C6 and higher MW
petroleum hydrocarbons


15% of reading

10% of reading

Response Time (initial)

<5 seconds

<5 seconds

Response Time (to 95%)

<1 minute

<5 minutes

Operating Temperature Range

0 - 50 C

0 - 50 C

Trend Correlation with GC data


98% vs. EPA Method 8020



Backlit LCD - parts per million, C or F, water or vapor

Logging Memory

Data from 100 samples

Battery Life

8 hours normal operation (Low battery indicator)


12 hour charge period, AC or vehicle


10 (25cm) wide, 12 (30 cm) high, 7 (18cm) deep


10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

Analog Outputs


0-2.55 volts 0C - 50C


0-2.55 volts


0-180 ppm xylene


0-4,000 ppm xylene

Serial Output

9600 baud


Simple calibration with certified, pre-mixed p-xylene standards

Probe Dimensions

C: 0.75 in. (19 mm) L: 8 in. (20 cm)

Cable Length

100 ft. (30 m)


  • Detects Petroleum Hydrocarbons Directly in Water, Vapor and Floating Liquid Product

  • Operates in Analytical or Screening Mode

  • Provides In-Situ, Real-Time Information

  • Quick Zero

  • Automatic Media Sensing

  • Easy to Use, Menu-Driven Software

  • 3rd Party Certified Equivalent to EPA Method 8020

  • Florida DEP Approved Equivalent to FID for Soil Vapor Analysis

  • Probe Stability Indicator

  • Logs Data from 100 Samples

  • Serial Output to Laptop or Printer

  • Easy to Calibrate

  • Intrinsically Safe, UL, CUL, KEMA ia, CE


  • Rugged, professional air/water tight carrying case
  • Supply of calibration solution
  • Charger
  • Interface cable
  • Calibration containers/Components
  • Waste disposal filter

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