Hybridization Incubator

Brand: Boekel Scientific
Country: USA


The Boekel InSlide Out™ is an oven designed for a variety of hybridization and immunohysto chemical procedures involving slides. Prepared slides are placed into the InSlide Out's™ uniquely sealed aluminum tray for incubation, which maintains humidity and prevents the slides from drying out. This design provides effective incubation conditions without the need to seal cover slips. The InSlide Out's™ rapid heat-up and excellent temperature stability ensure consistency from test to test, making it ideal for use in hybridization and immunohisto chemical procedures.


  • Microarray hybridization;
  • In situ hybridization
  • Immunohistochemistry procedures
  • PID controller provides rapid heat-up and excellent temperature stability
  • Unique sealed aluminum tray maintains temperature and humidity during incubation
  • Stainless steel slide rack insert holds up to 20-1" x 3" slides, or various other sizes
  • Optional polycarbonate slide holder insert accommodates 18-1" x 3" slides, and may be placed directly into a water bath for wash procedures (sold as an accessory; see Ordering Information for details)
  • 2 year warranty
Benefits of the InSlide Out™
Improved Performance
  • Aluminum tray provides good conductivity of heat and heat retention, providing optimum incubation conditions
  • Gasketed tray maintains humidity, so samples do not dry out during incubation a piece of filter paper with 1-2 ml of buffer is added to the tray
  • PID controller provides rapid heat-up and superior temperature stability, ensuring consistency from test to test
Increased Convenience
  • Gasketed tray eliminates the need to seal cover slips, saving time during sample preparation
  • Rapid heat-up maximizes incubation time
Enhanced Flexibility
  • Standard stainless steel slide rack allows you to process 1 to 20 slides at a time
  • Optional polycarbonate slide holder can be used to secure 18 slides and goes directly from the oven to a water bath for wash procedures
Product Dimensions: Overall: 45.7 cm (18") x 45.1 cm (17 3⁄4") x 15.2 cm (6")
Tray: 19.4 cm (7 1⁄2") x 29.5 cm (11 1⁄2") x 1.9 cm (3⁄4")
Height Above Stainless Steel Rack: 10mm (3⁄8")
Net Weight: 9.5kg (21 lbs.)
Shipping Weight: 10.9kg (24 lbs.)
Capacity: with stainless steel rack: 20 - 1 x 3" slides or various other sizes
with plastic slide holder: 18 - 1" x 3" slides only
Plastic Slide Holder: 18 - 1 x 3" slides only
Temperature Range: Ambient +10XC to 75XC
Temperature Setting Range: 0XC to 75XC
Display Resolution: 0.1XC
Temperature Setting/Display PID/LED
Stability: 0.2XC
Accuracy: 1XC at 65XC
Heat Up Time: Ambient to 50XC: Chamber: 20 minutes
Tray: 25 minutes
Electrical: Model # 241000:115 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 155 W (ETL, cETL approved)
Model # 241000-2: 230 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 155 W (CE approved)
* ETL & cETL is comparable to UL, CSA etc.
Ordering Information
Description Catalog/Model Number
InSlide Out™, 115VAC
(includes Aluminum Tray Assembly and Stainless Steel Rack Insert)
Model Number 241000
InSlide Out™, 230VAC
(includes Aluminum Tray Assembly and Stainless Steel Rack Insert)
Model Number 241000-2
Polycarbonate Slide Holder Insert for up to 18 slides Catalog Number C2403765
Aluminum Tray Assembly (tray and lid) Catalog Number C2403973
Stainless Steel Rack Insert for Tray Catalog Number C2403754


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