Holiday Tester


  • DC Holiday Tester, (Holiday Detector, Pinhole Tester, Spark Tester, Jeep Tester) which will test and detect pinholes and flaws in insulated coatings on conductive substrates.
  • Where coatings have to provide an effective safeguard against corrosion, it is essential that any pinhole or flaws which will eventually lead to corrosion are detected at the earliest possible stage, preferably immediately after the coating application.


Multi Voltage Wet Sponge Tester



A test voltage is applied to the coating by moving a brush probe across the surface and where there is either a pinhole or flaw, the voltage will spark through the coating at the flawed location, a red flashing indicator will flash and an audible alarm will sound. The detected flaw can now be marked for subsequent repair and testing resumed for the remaining surface area. If no flaws are detected the test will therefore be non-destructive.

The value of the test voltage is determined by the dielectric or voltage strength of the coating thickness. As a rough guide the test voltage can be approximated between 3 to 5 volts per micron of coating thickness, therefore 1000 micron would be approx 3kV to 5kV test voltage.

Conforms to BS, ISO, DIN, ASTM & SSPC methods of measurement.

Calibration Certificates are available with traceability to UKAS.

Accurate voltage setting is achieved by adjusting a 10 ten turn control and the exact test voltage is displayed on a digital display.

Test voltage accuracy

Automatic fault detection feature installed which ensures that faults are detected at any voltage setting.

lightweight and overall weight with handle is approx 1.6kg.

The test voltage is of low power and does not damage or cause burn marks on the coating.

There are a number of important safety features built in. The test voltage is high impedance and drops to zero when a fault is detected, earth cable is lockable to prevent accidental disconnection. There is a probe discharge path incorporated to prevent any static charge being maintained.

Will allow coatings on concrete as well as steel and iron substrates to be tested

Supplied in a Carrying Case complete with High Voltage Probe Handle, Band Brush Probe, Neck Strap, Earth Cable and Batteries fitted.

Range of Models
2002 - 0.1kV to 6kV. Resolution 0.01kV
2003 - 1kV to 12kV. Resolution 0.01kV
2004 - 1kV to 20kV. Resolution 0.1kV
2005 - 1kV to 25kV. Resolution 0.1kV
2006 - 1kV to 30kV. Resolution 0.1kV

A201 - Mains Power Supply 220 - 240V AC
A202 - Mains Power Supply 110V AC
A002 - Extension Rod 500mm
A003 - Extension Rod 1000mm
A004 - Flexible Pointed Probe on 200mm extension
S001 - Calibration Certificate UKAS traceable




Broad Brushes will allow for quicker measurement of large surface areas and also works well with glass flake coatings.

Part Numbers SA501 - Broad Brush, right angle, 200mm width, 200mm extension SA502 - Broad Brush, 180X in line, 200mm width, 200mm extension SA503 - Broad Brush, 45X angle, 500mm width, 200mm extension SA504 - Broad Brush, 45X angle, 1000mm width, 200mm extension



Insulated Extension Rod available in both 0.5 and 1 meter lengths.

Used to give extra reach for standard brushes. The extension rods are insulated and multiple extension rods can be screwed together allow Circular Brushes to be used for long length internal pipe testing.

Part Numbers SA002 - Extension Rod 500mm SA003 - Extension Rod 1000mm


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