Digital Gel Camera System

Affordable, easy-to-use, complete solution for gel documentation and analysis!

System includes the digital camera (8 mega pixel with 3x zoom) complete with software, cables, and drivers for downloading images to your PC. The digital with mounting brackets (included) is easily mounted to a gel documentation hood which is then used with a UV transilluminator. The Digital Gel Cam system also includes a narrow bandpass filter for use with Ethidium Bromide, filter adapter rings to ensure tight fit of the filter, and a UV mat to place on your UV transilluminator to ensure darkness.


Cat No. Hood Inside Dimensions
L x W x H"
EF7984D 9 7/16 x 6 3/4 x 13 3/4 Each
EF7984E 5 x 7 1/16 x 10 11/16 Each


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